Monday, June 10, 2013

No shortage of waiting only of caffeine.

I am sitting here, my head throbbing from a caffeine defecit, my addiction not yet quenched--waiting. 

Waiting for the wonderful students who are taking their placement exams, waiting for lunch time and the chance to consume my much needed caffeine for the day, waiting for the next chance to come home and see my family, waiting for the torrential downpour to end or even die down a little bit, waiting for next year, for graduation, for life. Waiting, waiting, waiting. For a tomorrow unlike or even much like today. I live in a continual wait and a constant wait I breathe. But the waiting is what prepares the person for the future they cannot yet see.

So, I will wait for my students, patiently, and even my caffeine. And as i wait for the sun to shine ill cling to the plus-sized umbrella I will be dragging around today--all day. Ill wait for as long as I need. And today ill appreciate the patience I'm developing. 

So though I wait in silence in this awkward corner room, with each noise I make creating an awkwardly loud and inappropriate echo that stirs the silence briefly only to be settled down and interrupted again, I will appreciate this. 

And look, here come the students, finally finished and complete. My waiting, at least for this event, is now complete as well. But I won't tell waiting good bye just yet, rather I will greet it with a very truthful "see you soon".